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About us

Partners of your technological adventure

We help ambitious companies like yours by developing custom tools that align with your goals. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We fully take part in your adventure and our team of experts is fully dedicated to your growth. That’s what Allema Global stands for.

There are countless other companies out there. We know how daunting making a good decision is.

Why choose us?

Cookie-cutter solutions are not in our DNA

Your needs are unique, so we build custom solutions and tools that fit your reality. We respect your vision and we preserve your brand’s fingerprint.

We are tech savvy and proud of it

Custom development is our forte and its challenges electrify us! We understand the potential of technology and we wield it to service your dreams.

You want a strategic partner

Success requires solid strategic foundations. We work with you to understand your goals and we think long-term right from the start.

You want to stand out from your competition

We focus on user experience and on clean and efficient visuals. We know what works and what doesn’t, and we deliver stunning websites that delight your customers.

You want value, fast

You want change. Fast. Our iterative and flexible approach delivers value early on so you can reap the benefits quickly.


Make our customers’ vision as important as ours; communicate with transparency and honesty, always; solve problems with an open mind; generate growth for our customers and provide tools for them to achieve their business vision.

Our team

We love having fun together and pushing ourselves.

We are a team of tech enthusiasts from all walks of life, banding together to make a difference.

We love challenges: they make our victories more satisfying. We work without ego, and with authenticity and transparency.

We are Allema Global and we are eager to work with you.

Martin Lemieux


Olivier Dupras-Tessier

Caroline Beaudry directrice stratégie numérique et marketing pour Allema Global

Caroline Beaudry

Creative & Digital director
Audrey Compagnat Allema Global

Audrey Compagnat

Marketing Director
Myriam Morneau, réviseure et traductrice pour Allema Global

Myriam Morneau

Administrative assistant
Léandre Martineau, lead technique PHP chez Allema Global

Léandre Martineau

Technical lead

Ysielle Germain

Gabriel Vigneault, programmeur chez Allema Global

Gabriel Vigneault


Émilie Caron

Graphic designer