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Software Development

Smart and fully integrated management

We build custom software that delivers tangible and measurable results that last. With fully optimized processes, you can focus on what matters the most: your business growth.



computerized and automated workforce management system

Smart Team Management

Our custom assets management tools increase employee satisfaction by focusing their efforts on what really matters while significantly reducing production time.

services d'évaluation de la performance de vos systèmes informatiques

Performance Evaluation

Our tools help you count the steps needed to manufacture your products by providing insight into the performance of departments, teams, and work shifts. Performance evaluation gives you better control of your assets and assembly lines.

gestion d'inventaires et synchronisation avec vos points de vente et votre site web

Integrated Inventory Management

Our integrated tools sync your data across platforms and ensure seamless management of your assets.

numérisation de vos données pour archivage

Data Digitization

Digitize and archive your files with custom forms and reports. Eliminate paper and keep your data secure enabling you to access your files anywhere, at any time.

Automatisation des processus internes pour améliorer la productivité de votre chaîne de production

Process Automation

Create automatic reminders, manage your employees’ schedules, send automated emails to your users or customers. Eliminate repetitive tasks and simplify your work with our automation.

tableaux de bord personnalisés et interactifs

Interactive Dashboards

Our custom interactive dashboards integrate with your assembly line and allow for real-time monitoring of production. With the collected data and metrics, our experts can identify bottlenecks and make targeted improvements.

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